Saturday, October 29, 2005

More News After a Darn Busy Week

Here’s some news that may have slipped under the radar.

Develop New Albany has secured assistance from Ball State Universities Center for Historic Preservation – Department of Architecture and Planning. Three buildings have been chosen for façade drawings that will demonstrate rehabilitation options. Shrader Stables, Reisz Building (addresses in previous post), and the Baer Bazaar at 319-321 Pearl Street. A Ball State student will prepare booklets illustrating current conditions, minor and major rehabs, history of the buildings, as well as make a public presentation when the project is done – sometime next spring.

Susan Lankford (Project Coordinator, Center for Historic Preservation) will be leading the project. I understand that only six structures will be done in the state in 2006 and we’ve got three of them. These projects help building owners and potential owners to visualize options for the buildings as well as generating interest in the downtown area.

For more info on the Center for Historic Preservation:

New Albany has obtained Certified Local Government (CLG) status. CLG status is important for a funding source – 10% of all funds allocated to our state historic preservation office (DHPA) must be reserved for CLG’s. It is also an important source for technical assistance.

The New Albany Historic Preservation Commission and staff have prepared grant requests for updating our State Historic Building Survey and to hire a consultant to complete National Register nominations for several areas in the City. We should know by January if the grants will be approved.

For more info on the CLG program:

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bluegill said...

Conrats on the CLG and good luck on the grants.

Keep up the good work, Ted (and others).