Saturday, January 28, 2006

"Nothing to see here, please move along..."

New Albany's finest wouldn't allow me to get close, but I snagged the below pictures of our K&I Bridge, the good barge gone bad and a big bird (heron).

This certainly qualifies as a historical event in New Albany. I should also note that if I'd had a hot dog stand open, I would have made a barge load of money. The barge was quite a draw.


ceece said...

nice pics.
It appears in pictures that the barge is bent in the middle.
Could you tell that or is it just an illusion?

na girl said...

Back in the early 70's there was a barge full of some kind of chemical (chlorine?) that got away and was stuck on the dam.

It took quite a while for the problem to be resolved and at one point they were talking about possible evacuation of part of New Albany.

I remember it being very suspenseful but being just a kid I guess I wasn't too worried about it.

My grandpa made a scrapbook of newspaper clippings of the story. It is in the Indiana Room collection at the public library if anyone would like to see it.

TedF said...

It does appear bent. I took those pictures from a long way off, so I can't tell you if the bend is real or not.

na girl - I will look that up the next time I'm at the library. Thanks.

Brandon W. Smith said...

We took a walk down that way as well from the State Street end of the riverfront park. The fumes became so strong we decided to turn back for health's sake, but we did get a glimpse of the barge through the trees. I was more interested in seeing what the authorities were doing than the actual barge, but it was difficult to tell what was or wasn't going on.

The New Albanian said...

I'm seeing Ignatius J. Reilly from "A Confederacy of Dunces" in full pirate regalia, pushing the hot dog cart past the K & I crowd.

TedF said...

Now that does create an amusing mental picture.

Honestly though, isn't the timing of this barge incident convenient? More people are now aware of that bridge than ever before. Who'd ever think that a barge careening out of control would be good karma? We are gonna get that puppy open to ped traffic.