Friday, February 17, 2006

Historic Housing Quality in New Albany

Housing quality is a major issue in the historic neighborhoods of New Albany. Has been for a long time. Will be for a long time to come. City enforcement of building codes and ordinances is a part of the solution. We, as residents of this City, can also be part of the solution.

The below excerpts are from an article published in News from the National Alliance of Preservation Commissions titled Hands On Athens (Georgia): A Successful Low Income Rehabilitation Partnership.

"It doesn’t always take big bucks or ton of time to make a difference in low income historic housing. With the collaboration of historic preservation nonprofits, local government, environmental organizations, schools, churches, and community members at large, a great deal can be accomplished to protect low income resources. Hands On Athens aims to do just that – and throw in a little preservation education at the same time. The mission of Hands On Athens is to create a coalition of organizations dedicated to assisting low income Athens-Clarke County, Georgia homeowners in historic neighborhoods to maintain, repair, and preserve their properties as part of overall neighborhood revitalization."

On Facing Challenges....
"While most of the time Hands On Athens runs smoothly, it is presented with its share of challenges. One of the largest difficulties is that, due to the growing rental rate in the target areas, it can be a struggle to find owner-occupied homes to be recipients of the program’s services. Fortunately, working with neighborhood development corporations helps alleviate much of this suspicion. Other challenges present themselves with applicants not fully understanding application guidelines and the scope of work possible, but many of these issues can be avoided through proper procedures, education, and communication."

Further Reading:

The Kentuckiana region has a version of Hands On Athens in the Repair Affair program which is sponsored by New Directions Housing Corporation. Check back here soon for more information on this program and efforts in our neighborhoods.

New Directions Housing – Repair Affair

Further Reading:
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