Saturday, February 25, 2006

Restoration, Preservation, and a Grand Opening

It was a busy day in New Albany. The restoration of three storefronts began in the 300 block of Pearl Street. As you'll see below, an intact cast-iron column was uncovered. Be sure to stop by to check on progress in the coming weeks.

The Cardinal Ritter House restoration is progressing. The roof is complete and new windows are being installed.

Louisville Stained Glass held their Grand Opening to a steady and robust crowd.

Enjoy the pictures.


Anonymous said...

Ted, Another quality posting, Thank you! It was a great day for preservation in New Albany! I predict many more to follow.

The New Albanian said...

Top notch.

bluegill said...

Sunlight, progress, and people bringing the two together. Good stuff.

Brandon W. Smith said...

Nice features underneath that old wood. Excellent photos.