Wednesday, May 31, 2006

831 Cedar Bough Place old Photograph

Thanks to David Barksdale, Floyd County Historian, we have a picture of 831 Cedar Bough Place from 1909. This property is currently listed for sale by owner.

See for details. The property is fire damaged and has been the subject of a couple of past threads.


The detail on the photo is not the best but it does confirm that nearly all the architectural features on the front of the home are intact. The small gable on the front porch has been altered some. Feel free to cut and paste the picture from this site and blow up to see more detail.

Even while fire damaged it is still an impressive home. It’s worth saving.

If you have questions please contact the property owner. Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana (284-4534) may also be able to provide information on the damage to the property. Representatives have toured the home since the fire.

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