Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Historic Lunch Downtown

It wasn't really historic, except for the fact that it was my first visit to "Bistro New Albany" at the corner of Bank and Market Streets in downtown New Albany.

I'll echo the sentiments of many others and say that you simply must go check it out. They've only been open for three days but you could hardly tell that based on the large crowd, good service and excellent food. No dinner hours yet, but they are expected in the next week or two.

Our city council did pass the Riverfront Development Area ordinance on Monday which makes it even more likely that the simple act of eating downtown (in a restored building) will become much easier and frequent. But it's hard to imagine another eatery capturing the charm of the courtyard at the Bistro. It was wonderful. And of course the draft beer selection, anchored by our very own New Albanian Brewing Company, was the icing on the cake.

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witheringintuition said...

It sounds GREAT. I cannot wait until Jim feels better so that we can stop by!