Tuesday, July 11, 2006

NewAlbanyPreservation.com - NAHPC Website

As some regular readers may know I am a member of the New Albany Historic Preservation Commission (NAHPC). One of the duties to be carried out by the Commission is to promote public interest in preservation by carrying out public relations and education programs. Our Preservation month activities (walking tours, workshops, etc.) are examples of that advocacy campaign.

I am proud to announce we have a new tool to promote preservation in New Albany – NewAlbanyPreservation.com

Visit the site now and you’ll see news on New Albany’s upcoming Historic Home Tour. Residents of our historic districts will also be happy to see the Historic District Design Guidelines City of New Albany available for viewing online (just click the “Resource” tab on the home page).

There will be tweaking and further development in the coming months. The goal of the site is to provide guidance and technical assistance about the restoration and rehabilitation of historic buildings, design assistance and information about New Albany’s historic districts.

Along with our parent site, HistoricNewAlbany.com, New Albany can now boast of a healthy preservation web presence. It’s a darn positive trend.

The site would not have been possible without the work of Jim Sprigler – East Spring Street resident and volunteer extraordinaire. Thank you Jim.

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New Alb Annie said...

This is great! Just got a chance to take a look at it.

Good work, HPC.