Sunday, October 22, 2006

Happy Fall from Cedar Bough Place


New Alb Annie said...

Nice photos, Ted.

Has anything ever happened with the house on your street that caught fire? Any buyers yet?

TedF said...

There seems to have been plenty of interest, but no sale yet. My hope was to see it sold prior to winter setting in. Not sure that's going to happen.

bluegill said...

Congrats on the photo contest win, Ted. For those who missed it, Ted won first place in the landscape/nature division of the C-J Harvest Homecoming photo contest.

Nice work.

witheringintuition said...

Lovely photos Ted. I miss the fall as it is my favorite season!

ceece said...

Congrats Ted, I didn't even know there was a photo contest!

Where were the photos displayed and what picture was it?

TedF said...

Morning Ceece - I'm not sure where they were displayed. I just submitted on-line.

One of my cemetery photos won. Go to Courier, click on news, Indiana, then look for the box on the right hand side of the screen "HH photo contest".

Or click on my archives from April 2006 (the 4/28 posting). It's the 2nd picture on that post.