Sunday, May 27, 2007

David Barksdale receives National Preservation Award

David Barksdale is the face of preservation and history in New Albany. It’s his passion. To know Dave is to know he shares many characteristics with the Energizer bunny – he just keeps going and going.

If there’s anything going on in New Albany concerning preservation or history, Dave most likely organized it, promoted it, ran it and then starts planning to do it again.

Prior to yesterday’s Mansion Row Walking Tour (the last local event of Preservation Month) the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution recognized this fact by awarding him their Historic Preservation Medal. The Painkeshaw Chapter of the DAR are caretakers of Scribner House, which was the perfect location for the award presentation.

The national award is presented to individuals or groups whose study and/or promotion of some aspect of American history-on the regional or national level-has significantly advanced the understanding of America’s past.

Good job Dave!


Ceece said...

that's very cool! I had no idea. Yes he certainly does deserve it.

ame said...

as someone who has known Dave my whole life I just want to echo the above comment. very greatly deserved!