Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Sweet Sounds Rehabs and Restorations - 1746 Ekin Ave

This summer, the sound of hammers and saws can be heard all over the city. Over the next couple weeks I plan to visit and feature rehabs in progress around the area.

The home at 1746 Ekin Avenue – in the Uptown Neighborhood Association – was my first stop. The work is moving right along.

New owner Greg Doty has had crews at the house working hard. The improvement is striking. Mr. Doty acquired the home from Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana (HLFI). It was HLFI who worked with the previous troubled homeowner to save the home from demolition.

The home had been in steady decline over the last two decades. Neighbors were fed up. The home had hit the city demolition list but thankfully the Building Commission had the patience and foresight to allow the time needed for HLFI to facilitate the transfer of the home to a preservation minded buyer. This tale appears to be on the way to a happy ending for all.


New Alb Annie said...

Amazing, and really good news. I was in this house the day it was cleared out, and it is definitely a fixer upper, but worth saving.

Greg Sekula deserves much of the credit for all he did to save this house and find a buyer.

TedF said...

Greg and staff at HLFI deserve all the credit. If not for them, we'd be looking at an empty lot there. Instead, we'll have a owner-occupied home.

Mr. Doty also acquired 921 E. 11th Street - another home taken off the demo list. I look forward to seeing that rehab get underway as well.

Ceece said...

wow this is great work in such a relatively short amount of time.

thanks for the update.