Thursday, October 25, 2007

Input for Preservation Month Requested

Each May communities across the country celebrate preservation and history. It’s a national effort, led by the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

The New Albany Historic Preservation Commission and local preservation partners have been organizers of many events in the past few years.

*Walking Tours
*Workshops for Window Repair, Painting, Masonry Repair, Researching Historic Homes, etc.
*Public Forums for discussing issues in our historic neighborhoods
*Nationally recognized speakers discussing preservation related topics

Planning for these events is a year round job and it really heats up in November. Now is your chance to provide input and suggestions.

Are there topics you’d like addressed? Issues in our historic neighborhoods you’d like to discuss in a public forum? A particular workshop you’d like repeated or a new one to add?

Post your comment here or email me directly at the address listed in my profile.

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New Alb Annie said...

Ted, one topic that I have never seen addressed is this: how to get banks/mortgage companies to finance a multi-unit property as a single family, if the purchaser is planning to renovate back into a single family use.

The interest rates are higher for properties deemed to be rental or multi-unit and financing is harder to obtain. I've heard of more than one person who had to walk away from a house they wanted because of this. And since so many of the large older homes got cut up into apts, it's a real problem as it discourages home ownership and rehab.