Monday, November 19, 2007

Installment: # I've lost track of the numbers - Don't Fear the Windows

The folks in the replacement window industry hate me. They spend millions annually to try and trick me into replacing “my old drafty windows”. They're wasting money on me because I know the truth.

The reality is my 100 year old windows are much higher in quality than plastic replacements and nearly equal in efficiency (in conjunction with an effective storm window).

If all goes well today, I’ll share some photographs with finish coats of paint. I’ll also provide some helpful links for window restoration information.

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New Alb Annie said...

Our house had window issues, too. We bought our house before there was an HPC to advise against replacement, but we opted to keep the old windows, recondition them all and add storm windows. Luckily, we found an elderly, retired man who took each window out, reglazed it, and repaired the broken cords (for $50 per window).

Once they were done and the storm windows went on, it was amazing the difference in sound (lack of street noise) and ultimately in cost of heating and cooling.