Saturday, July 26, 2008

Vitality and Preservation in the Metro Area

The following appeared in the Courier Journal yesterday. It's worth a read.

Vital city needs vital preservation movement, by Steve Wiser.

"There is much to like about Louisville: enjoyable Olmsted parks, attractive riverfront, and quality neighborhoods. By preserving our existing landmarks as well as building new landmarks, Louisville can become an even better place in which to live."

The same is true for New Albany of course.

I've met the author, Steve Wiser, a couple times. He's written several books, including "Louisivlle 2035", which I found to be a good read and a tempting look at our potential future in the metro area. Check out the Louisville Historical League website too. Steve is on the board and assisted in getting a Louisville contingent over to New Albany during recent Preservation Month events.

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