Sunday, August 03, 2008

Everyone Likes a Good Comeback Story

It’s quite a contrast. There’s significant time invested in doing this, but the end result makes it worth while.
This old growth poplar continues to surprise me with its resiliency. The faults I find and fix are man made. Drilling holes for insulation causing splits. Maintenance failure leading to gaps in caulk and resulting in wood rot. Rot issues around down spouts due to further maintenance failure. Split boards due to thousands of nail holes from the past vinyl installation.

Yet the wood still comes back strong. It’s inspiring. Homes like mine, and many in New Albany, can absorb decades of neglect and abuse and still be salvaged.


fieromorgan said...

Looks like you are doing an A-1 job on the house. Be sure that you are wearing a good mask, you don't want to be breathing any of that dust which probably has a lot of lead in it.
Cheers, Richard Williams (Buchheit brewery related)

TedF said...

Cheers to you as well Richard. I do take precautions. I also use a wonderful paint removal tool called a speedheater. It turns the paint to a gooey mass and produces very little dust, if any.

G.Coyle said...

Ted, where can I get a speedheater, have the same issues of many layers of poorly applied paint over drainage failures et al. Lots of scraping in the summer but still looking for some heavy duty for the worst bits.

TedF said...

G - I'll email you details. You can borrow mine if you like. You can purchase at