Sunday, August 24, 2008

They Still Work and Are Better than Plastic

Does this look bad to you?
I didn’t call the Wide Wide World of Windows for replacement windows (starting from as low as $29.99!). Instead, I actually performed maintenance that needed to be done to 100 year old windows. This one should be good for another 15 or 20. And after I apply a new storm window, they’ll be as efficient as any plastic double paned replacement.
I care about the environment. Discarding perfectly good resources is wrong. Look for more ranting on this topic soon.


Ceece said...

Good job Ted! It looks really well done!

New Alb Annie said...

We had all our double hung windows reconditioned--new sash cords, weights reattached, reglazed, the works. Then we added storms. Besides our insulation, I think it was the best money we've ever spent on our house.