Monday, October 13, 2008

How Ted Spends a Rare Vacation

It’s been a rarity this year but, I’ve got some time off. The “to do” list is monstrous and hopelessly unachievable given the time allotted for completion (one week). So I should probably get off of the computer and get to work.

A slide show summary of progress after three good weather days is below. The north side of the home had been the primary goal for 2008. It’s coming along nicely. Everything is primed, caulked and ready for paint.

The last couple slides are of a single window which got my attention all of today. I had some surprises: missing chunks of wood, some rot in the window sill and a lucky number 13. The number 13 has some significance and I found it altogether fitting that I’d find it under a dozen coats of paint today.

It was there because back in the day numbered stamps were placed in windows sills that matched numbered storm windows which were normally removed during warm weather months. The stamped numbers made it easy to keep track of what storm went with each window.

Why it was fitting that I found 13 will be a post topic in the near future.

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