Friday, October 24, 2008

We ate, we drank, we learned about historic windows, in a not so sleepy downtown

A preview of what downtown can and should be? That’s what I saw last night. An event at the YMCA, an event at the Grand and our educational window restoration workshop at the historic Baer Building (future home to the River City Winery).

For a period of time we actually had a legitimate parking problem downtown. Pedestrians moved briskly up and down the streets. Some, in the case of our workshop, visiting New Albany for the first time.

There was hustle and there was bustle, exactly as there should be.

Our head count topped 40. We drank locally crafted wine. We ate food provided by a downtown eatery. We sat in a historic building, being exquisitely restored, that will be home to a winery, business offices and restaurant. We were educated about sustaining important resources – historic wooden windows. And we contributed to a vibrant downtown scene. It was a fun night.

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