Saturday, March 21, 2009

This Place Matters – Preservation Month May 2009

Here's a preview of events coming in May. More details will follow here and at Develop New Albany. We've also got a return of our popular "Shotgun" home event planned for June.

The theme this year is This Place Matters. And it really does matter. See you in May.
May 5
Preservation Forum - “Going Green”. Forum presenter Steve Wiser (AIA) - Author and Architect.

May 9
Downtown event: “Gym, Gems & Juice – A Historic Downtown Walking Tour”

May 12
House Histories Workshop

May 19
Window Restoration Workshop

May 20
Facelift Awards Presentation

May 26
Floyd County Historical Society, “Cardinal Joseph Ritter, A 20th Century Religious Leader.”

May 30
Scribner House Open House & Walking Tour of Historic Mansion Row


Courtney Paris said...
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Courtney Paris said...

*darn typos*

Whoa this theme almost makes me a little weepy.

I love it.

TedF said...

Aw, that's sweet. And to think I was getting ready to call you brat for making fun of me on Facebook

Courtney Paris said...

Brat?! Isn't that what you call a little kid! shut it Ted!

*trots off to look at the picture and giggle again. it's a good, giggling WITH you type of thing though*

shirley baird said...


There is so much going on the last week in May I decided to take vacation for that week. Let's hope for good weather.