Saturday, April 11, 2009

Good Stuff at S. Ellen Jones Elementary

Role models are important. Not everyone has the benefit of having a good one. However, the kids at S. Ellen Jones Elementary do: Officer Chad Armenta of the New Albany Police Department. Last year the Horseshoe Foundation awarded a grant to the school that pays for Officer Armenta to work 2 hours a day to perform liaison/truancy duties.

Attendance at the school has improved – that was the goal. Friendships have also been formed, as well as a positive respect for law enforcement. The daily presence in the neighborhood has also helped bring an improved sense of safety and stability.

Yesterday the school staff, children and the S. Ellen Jones neighborhood got the chance to thank Officer Armenta and the Horseshoe Foundation. It was a fun program that was followed by popsicles for everyone.

Call me a softy if you want, but hearing a choir of 1st graders sing tugs mightily at the heartstrings. It was also moving to see the hugs Officer Armenta got at the end of the ceremony. It was an inspiring afternoon and a bit of good news I wanted to share.

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