Sunday, October 11, 2009

Good News for New Albany Neighborhoods

Great news for residents of East Spring Street and S. Ellen Jones neighborhoods. Members from each respective neighborhood have been invited to attend the Community Leadership Institute in Milwaukee, Oct 15-18. This is an invitation only training event that aims to strengthen the voices and skills of community, resident, and volunteer leaders.

The New Albany Team: Ted Fulmore, Susan Kaempfer, Andy Terrell, Pastor Allen Colwell, Mike Ladd, Jeff Gillenwater, Lisa Thompson, and Tom Johnson

Here's a sampling of training courses being taken by team members: Using Art as community building tool, Fundraising for small organizations, How to design successful community workshops, Getting and keeping people involved in urban areas, Strategies for creating great neighborhoods

This team will be responsible for forming an action plan to implement upon completion of the CLI. We'll also receive funding of $2,000 to facilitate the action plan! Additionally, we were notified that Neighborworks awarded us an additional Community Building and Organizing/Community Stabilization grant of $5,000, specifically to help in the image/rebranding campaign our neighborhoods have agreed to pursue. New Directions Housing Corporation, a chartered Neighborworks member, will administer the grant.

The job of team members will be to return, share information, and implement strategies. Even if you don't live in ESNA or SEJ, we want to share our work and training. For anyone interested in learning more please contact me or Lisa Thompson (

New Albany is very lucky to have this opportunity. Training like this is important as we all work to make the neighborhoods of New Albany "neighborhoods of choice" in the Metro area.

The CLI is a Neighborworks America sponsored training event. Learn more by visiting thier website or connecting to them on Facebook. Check back here or to my Facebook account between Oct 15 and 18 for on-the-fly updates and news from the team during our training. Get updates in person by attending the monthly meeting of the S. Ellen Jones Association, Tuesday Oct 20, 6:30 pm at the Cardinal Ritter Birthplace, 1218 E. Oak Street.

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PollyAnna said...

EXCELLENT!!! What an opportunity.
I am very glad.