Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Downtown Ball State Project Completed

As was reported back in October (see post more-news-after-darn-busy-week) Develop New Albany had partnered with Ball State Universities Center for Historic Preservation to conduct assessments and renderings of three downtown buildings. This evening they unveiled the results.

Ball State student, Jennifer Mastri, led the presentation.

Below are three stunning renderings of possible restoration options for the Shrader Stables (which will be located directly across the street from the YMCA), the Baer Bazaar and the Reisz Building.

Floyd County Historian, David Barksdale, provided a surprise for the evening with a blown up vintage photo of the left side of the Reisz Building that he only recently discovered.

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ceece said...

ooooh too cool. Sorry to have missed the presentation.

But all these pictures and renderings are getting me so excited!