Saturday, January 27, 2007

831 Cedar Bough Place sold?

The word on the street is that 831 Cedar Bough Place (fire damaged last spring) has been sold. The for sale sign is gone. Who bought it? I don’t know. Do they know it’s in a local historic district? I hope so. Did Historic New contribute to the sale? I’ll find out. Do I like answering my own questions? Yes I do.

I’ll pass along more information when I get it.

Links to past postings on the house are below.

May 2006 posting with old photograph

This posting has a thread discussing the property


New Alb Annie said...

I hope it's not Mr. "We Buy Houses for Cash".

TedF said...

It's a father and son team. I met them briefly, during a furious snow squall this afternoon. They plan to flip the house (fix and sell). We'll see them at an HPC meeting soon. Looks like this house is saved. Ted is relieved.

shirley said...

It looks like such a beautiful home I wish I could have bought it myself.