Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A return to Market Street Brewery

It was about a year ago when I started doing research on the former brewery site at 10th and Market – Market Street Brewery.

At that time I could not find any old photographs of the brewery or the house that used to be at the site.

I knew sooner or later that someone would find a photo of the site. I figured that someone would be David Barksdale (Floyd County Historian) and I was right. Below are two photographs taken during a post World War 1 parade which show the Buchheit home at the corner of 10th and Market.

My quest for pic’s of the actual brewery buildings continues. Get back to work Dave!

The wood clapboard house in the picture was situated on the northwest corner at 10th and Market Street. Sadly, the home was lost to fire a few years back. The insurance map from 1886 shows the layout of the home in relation to the brewery buildings.

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