Friday, February 23, 2007

Marine Hospital - Louisville - Restoration

This past Thursday, a group a New Albanians toured the United States Marine Hospital in Louisville. Like a lot of Hoosiers, I drive past it nearly every day on Interstate 64. The progress that has been made there is astounding.

The hospital is a one of a kind. It is the only surviving example of an original inland marine hospital in the country. It is also one of only seven National Historic Landmarks in Louisville.
In other words, it is a treasure. Learn more about it at

The tour focused on the restoration efforts underway. Phase 1 (exterior) is nearly complete. Schaefer General Contracting Services managed the work and facilitated the tour along with Rick Bell, Executive Director U.S. Marine Hospital Foundation.

A sampling of photographs is below. The full spread can be viewed at Ted’s SmugMug website in the history gallery.

Of particular interest to me was how a project like this is funded. Here are the stats for phase 1:

$1.5 million – U.S. Army Corps of Engineers mitigation money
$500,000 – Transportation Enhancement Act Funds, 2002 and 2003
$375,000 – Save America’s Treasures grant
$125,000 – Metro Louisville
$77,000 – raised by U.S. Marine Hospital Foundation
$2,500 – Louisville Metro Council Member Cheri Bryant Hamiltons Neighborhood Development Fund awarded for the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s strategic Planning Study
$2,500 – Joanna Favrot Funds for Historic Preservation through the National Trust for Historic Preservation
$1,200 – KY Humanities Council Grant

Funding for the next phase is being sought. Federal Historic Preservation Tax Credits and New Market Tax Credits will both be pursued.

What’s the future of the building? According to Rick Bell, it will serve as an interpretive center to celebrate the historic contributions of the Hospital to public health, maritime commerce and local heritage. Plan’s are also being made for the building to host the Center for Health, Education, Training and Research. The Center will house agencies and organizations committed to improving health, with a special focus on urban underserved populations.

I highly recommend visiting the hospital website and joining the Friends of Marine Hospital. It’s a great cause to help support.

There was a part 2 of our tour this day, also facilitated by Schaefer, that was also very exciting. More on that in the next couple days.


ceece said...

great pictures Ted!

shirley said...

What a great story. It's wonderful when people do so much to preserve their history.

Hopefully we can do the same on this side of the river with the Colgate bldg.