Thursday, March 01, 2007

Interest Up in Historic New Albany

Here’s some interesting data about what I consider a key indicator for our little City. The graph shows monthly Visits to the website This is what is commonly known as a trend – and a positive one at that.
Obviously, interest is growing in real estate available in our historic neighborhoods. Whether you like it or not, word appears to be spreading about New Albany and this is objective data that supports that conclusion.

What other positive trends are happening in New Albany?


New Alb Annie said...

I've said many, many times that New Albany is as of yet undiscovered. However, the web traffic shows that this is not necessarily true now. People are figuring out they can get a lot more house for their money in New Albany than in Louisville, and in many cases they can get to work faster from New Albany than they could if they lived in Louisville.

Kudos to you, Ted, and to all the other people who are expending so much effort to market this town the way it should be.

ceece said...

the little site that could!

bluegill said...

With Speakeasy and Connor's Place coming this summer, there'll soon be legitimate nightlife within walking distance of those houses in addition to the already excellent restaurants.

The Gallery on Pearl opened this week, with the potential for more before the year's out, upstairs at the New Albany Inn.

The Digitial Resource Center on Pearl is planning to expand also, taking over the upstairs of their current building. They'll be adding business capacity and gallery space to showcase digital printing and the work of artists/photographer's who use it.

On the extreme local front, my next door neighbor recently decided to convert his house back to single family, removing the aluminum and restoring the clapboard and trim in the process. Assuming we get the same thing done sometime relatively soon, there'll be two side-by-side examples of recent historic rehab on Market.

Another neighbor behind us is starting to restore his home's exterior as well.

bluegill said...

I forgot to mention that two side-by-side houses a block down, an owner-occupied and a rental, just got new, better paintjobs.

And digital isn't spelled with three "i"s.

TedF said...

Don't worry about the spelling. My spelling skills are eroding at a furious pace. I get frightened when I look at some of the emails and postings I write. I have the nasty habit of leaving words out too. The fingers move faster than the brain.

On the topic of positive stuff in New Albany, I've started a community forum topic over at about New Albany image and pride (inspired directly from recent Neighbhorworks training). Jump over and add your comments.

Tabitha said...


Do you have more information on the gallery on Pearl? If so, please send in to I would like to keep it populated with as much as possible. Thank you.

shirley said...

Keep up the good work Ted. People are noticing New Albany for the right reasons.

jennifer said...

Hello. My husband and I just bought a home on Main St that we discovered on the New Alany site. We are closing in April. We are very excited about moving from Louisville to Downtown New Albany. We feel the community has alot to offer and plan on researching starting our own business there once settled. I have been checking your site often and hope to contribute soon! Thanks for all the info! Keep up the good work!!! Jennifer

bluegill said...

And we're excited that you're moving in, Jennifer. Which house did you buy?

Let us know if you have any questions or other things neighbors might help with.

jennifer said...

Hi there! We are moving to 1501 E Main. I think I am correct in saying that we just missed being in the historic district by 1 block(corner lot 15th street) After finding this site we have checked out many of the places mentioned. One being loop island. We walk our dog religiously and it looks like a great place. I am also a runner and will need to know some new routes. So if anyone can help me with that I would appreciate it.

bluegill said...

Ah, the Newkirk's former abode. That's a nice place. Congrats.

I think you may know Kevin at the corner of 14th and Main. We're just up 14th on the SW corner of Market in the (currently) aluminum sided bungalow with the (currently) bright green foundation.

We're very much dog people so feel free to stop by and say hello when you're out on a walk. I'll leave the running routes up to our host, Ted. I generally just run from one restaurant to the other.

Speaking of which, if you've not checked out La Rosita at 1515 East Market, it will help you decide that you made a wise location choice.

Jeff Gillenwater

jennifer said...

Yes, the Newkirks! They are wonderful people & Kevin's stepdaughter is one of my daughter's best friends.
We look forward to meeting you!

TedF said...

Hi Jennifer - welcome to the neighborhood! That is a great house you have.

I do my best to run a couple times a week and would love to take a jog with with you. I have to admit though, I'm a rambler and don't have set routes. I run where my feet take me :)

The run down to Loop Island is a good one. If you want hill work (and a long run) you can go straight up Spring street to Silver Hills - a great run, but you'll feel it afterwards.

Email me at or call me (I'm in the book). I look forward to meeting you guys.

TedF said...

One more thing Jennifer - make sure you check out for all your New Albany community information.