Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Iron work in New Albany - Take a walk

It’s spring and the weather is great for walks. Something new is blooming every day and the birds are chirping as well trying to build nests in every single freaking nook and cranny of my house! I curse the birds and the d#mn squirrels too. Oh well, I guess they come with the territory. But there are times when I wish I still had the Daisy BB gun I had as a kid.

I’m digressing though. Get out and take a walk. It’s a good time to appreciate the good things in our housing diversity in New Albany. I like to focus on different things when I stroll – ornate woodwork, architectural details, iron ornamentation, etc.

Below is a small sample of the impressive iron in our fair city. I’m sure you’ll spot more as you ramble around. Happy Spring!

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ceece said...

agreed. I love the iron work in this city, in fact the fence at our house was a real eye catcher and what made us inquire about more! here are some shots