Sunday, April 01, 2007

Positve Trends and a new SEJNA website

March 2007 was another record month at The numbers are impressive. Some of these visits are turning into home sales. Decisions are being made to invest in this community. is helping facilitate that investment. Thank you Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana, Halo Applications, Develop New Albany and the New Albany Historic Preservation Commission for keeping the momentum going.

The site also received enhancements in March which include categories based on sale price and a new section for rentals.

S. Ellen Jones Neighborhood Association launches website:

Jim Sprigler (Halo Applications) strikes again, designing a community website for the folks in the S. Ellen Jones Neighborhood. The site purpose is to encourage resident participation and communication.

Check the featured news on the homepage for a great article on how neighborhoods in Battle Creek, Michigan worked towards revitalization. When you read it, I believe you’ll note some distinct similarities to New Albany. There are definitely some concepts in that article that local neighborhood groups should discuss and implement.

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