Sunday, April 29, 2007

Installment 2: “Honey, there’s a guy on the phone that’s going to sell us the easy life!”

Wife: The easy life?

Husband: That’s right, the easy life forever! We’ll never have to paint our house again!

Wife: Can we defer that maintenance that we know we really should be doing too?

Husband: You betcha!

Wife: How?

Husband: He says we can cover our architecturally charming little home with monochromatic plastic!
Wife: Gosh darn it honey, that’s a great solution to avoiding our problems that we know we should address but don’t really want to. I’ll go get the checkbook.

Husband: Sweetie, can you walk into our new laminator that just happens to be the same size as you? I think I left our checkbook in there.

Wife: No problem pumpkin. I’m gonna love you forever……………

I’ve been hanging out on my porch roof this weekend – scraping, fixing, sanding and priming. So please indulge me a little as I poke fun at the folks who put vinyl on my house. I believe I've earned that right.

I’ve got a coat of primer on the front gable. If time allows, I’ll get it all painted up this week. Then we’ll move on to the next section.

Here’s the full sequence of the gable being returned to its proper state.


Ceece said...

more nice work! You should take all these pictures and put them into a coffee-table book when you're done! :-)

New Alb Annie said...

Ceece--he'll NEVER be done!!!

TedF said...

Gee whiz! Thanks for the morale boost Annie!