Sunday, May 13, 2007

Installment 4 (reports on progress on my house restoration): Part 1 - Take it off, take it all off & Part 2 – Won’t you be my neighbor?

Part 1: Take it off, take it all off...
Time was short this weekend, but I did manage to hit the cornice work around the front porch. The old paint, which is alligatored and failing, is all coming off. I’m stripping, one provocative inch after another.

Part 2: Won’t you be my neighbor?

The home next door to me (844 Cedar Bough Place) is hitting the market soon. It has been vacant for over a year. It’s not perfect, but it’s a good house on a good street. If you’re up for a challenge, please call an agent and schedule a showing.

Beware that there’s a Ted lien against the property. I’ve been cutting the grass there for three years. The new owner will need to pay up with dinner at a local eatery of my choice and all the beer I can drink. I’ll consider the debt paid after that.
Here's a shot of the main stair through the front door. The original fireplaces are intact. There's a lot of original fabric left in the house.

The view from my front porch.

The "Bough" is calling for someone.....


Ceece said...

gah! i love that staircase.

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