Saturday, July 07, 2007

Installment 10: Pandora's Box Gutters - progress report on Ted's house

No tack on aluminum gutters for me anymore. The project for the last the couple weeks has been to restore the original box gutters (aka “built in” gutters). This has involved:
*Tearing out the section of roofing that had been covering them
*Removing the old metal that had lined the gutters
*Replacing rotted wood
*Relining the gutters
This task is the last of what I consider “major” work that needs to be done. Once the roof and guttering are done, the remaining work is purely cosmetic – scrapping, repairing, sanding, priming and painting clapboards. There’ll also be window reconditioning to do. And then there’s the pending new driveway and grading around the home to remedy water issues in the basement. And of course there’s the new landscaping that will be done and a courtyard/deck area in the back of the house. Oh, and I can’t forget about the ceiling repairs that need to be done after the recent water damage.

I just need another decade or two and it’ll be perfect!


Ceece said...

box gutters are the devil. Ted.

And if you want to feel better about your house, just look at us. We haven't even started any of the major projects.

G.Coyle said...

I'm living in fear of our box gutter repair. I've heard they're a bitch to get right. Please recommend anyone who has done a good job. It's critical when we do it as it really has such an impact on the houses skin, which presently is enduring too many leaks.

gutter said...

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Herb said...

Usually, box gutters are expensive and its installation is time consuming, but it certainly looks good on your roof. It's been years since the installation. How is the box gutter now? We'd love to hear some updates.

Herb Koguchi @Kroll Window

Unknown said...

I do box gutter rebuilds and repair. Yes they are tricky to rebuild correctly and incorporates the skill of a box gutter carpenter and metal craftsman along with a competent roofer. It is very hard to find someone that has all 3 of these skills in one person/contractor. I have rebuilt many over the years and have my own system that I feel is superior to original specs all while maintaining historic accuracy to original curb appeal. I can be contacted at