Friday, June 29, 2007

Progress on 11th Street - revitalization ain't easy

Last week I visited 1746 Ekin Ave as work is getting underway for the restoration there. This week I strolled a couple blocks from my home to see the progress at 921 E. 11th Street. Here are the before and current shots:
The story is the same here as it was at 1746 Ekin – steady decline, upset neighbors and a home scheduled for demolition. But Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana intervened, worked with the owner and helped find a buyer ready to start work immediately to stabilize the home. Mr. Greg Doty purchased the home and the work is underway.

Residents of the S. Ellen Jones Neighborhood Association are pleased that the home will not become another vacant lot.

This sign of progress was tempered with an act of senseless vandalism at the Cardinal Ritter Birthplace. One of the large storefront windows was broken this week.

This act occurred the same week that the original, restored front door was added back to the home.

In the short term, the broken window means nothing. In the long term, the steady reclamation of the Ritter home is what is most important. Perseverance is a quality Cardinal Ritter was known for and a quality the neighborhood is going to need.

Nobody said revitalization was easy.

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