Sunday, July 29, 2007

Installment 12 – progress report on Ted’s house – Doing battle with a gable - update on 1746 Ekin Ave

The gable on the south side of the house is finally getting some attention. It started last weekend, when my carpenter replaced clapboards that were unsalvageable.

My job? Make it look pretty.

It takes time. Removing failing paint. Repairing damage. Sanding. That’s how I spent a large part of this weekend. We’re almost ready for priming.

If you’d read my previous update on the house, I had said I’d be working on windows next. In case you haven’t noticed I tend to get sidetracked easily. So the windows will wait. They’re not going anywhere.

Update on 1746 Ekin Ave:
I just had to share an updated photograph of 1746 Ekin Avenue. The exterior looks great. Click here for the rest of the story originally posted in June.

Here was the starting point:

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