Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Does this house look familiar to you?

A friend sent this to me about a year ago wondering if I knew the location of this home. The photograph was purchased in an Antique shop near New Albany.

It sure looks like it could be New Albany to me. But I've not been able to locate it. Email me or post a comment if you can identify.

2 comments: said...

Hey, Ted, as usual I enjoy reading your comments and seeing your photos. Actually, the old house photo you have posted looks a lot like our home--same basic outline. We know the front part of our house was originally mostly porches, and was later expanded--I can tell by examining the foundation. Not sure about the side porch, and the locations of a few windows, though I know there have been other changes as we have discovered during interior rehab.

I'd love to get a copy of the photo, so I can do some more sleuthing.

Have a great HH!
Randy L. 812 CBP

TedF said...

Wow, it really does look like it could be your home. I'll email you the pic later today. I'll try to get a hold of the original too.