Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sharing the Numbers -

It’s time for another update on the numbers for, a website sponsored by Develop New Albany. About 8,000 people per month are looking for their place in history in New Albany. Monthly averages for visits over the last two years are up by 30%:
This graph shows the monthly visits over the last six months. Visits are steady, with anticipated dips during cold weather months:

This currently free service is making a difference. Two homes have been sold as a direct result of the site and there's no doubt it has contributed indirectly to the sale of a dozen others. The number of communities offering this type of website are limited, especially locally. As communities work to attract new residents, there’s no doubt this type of website provides New Albany a competitive advantage.

Volunteers can spend up to five hours per week each on maintenance which includes house research, touring homes, taking photographs, uploading listings to the site and much more. David Barksdale does the house research and Laura Renwick and Judy Martin (both representatives of Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana) tour homes and perform maintenance. Thanks guys.
If anyone out there would be interested in helping with the site please email me.

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