Friday, March 21, 2008

Baptist Tabernacle - Shrader Stables - Opportunities in New Albany

The City of New Albany purchased the Baptist Tabernacle (318 E. Fourth Street, c. 1879) at tax sale last week. Above is a vintage photograph of the building, courtesy of the Floyd County Historical Society. Below is a current photo from the website
I’m pleased to see reported that a committee has been formed quickly to seek reuse options and funding for the rehabilitation. The purchase was an assertive move and one I commend.

On a related topic, a request for proposal (RFP) is on the way for another prominent property owned by the city - the Shrader Stables at 118 W. Main Street (c. 1870). Its location, across the street from the YMCA currently under construction, makes this an interesting property for development.

Below is a rendering completed by the Ball State Universities Center for Historic Preservation. The rendering project was completed as part of a partnership with the city of New Albany and Develop New Albany. Revitalization is an incremental process. The reuse of these structures will contribute to the momentum of the current renaissance underway in New Albany.

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