Sunday, May 11, 2008

Incremental to Irreversible – Downtown New Albany – May 2008

Preservation Month (each May) is a good time to be reflective and assess “progress” in downtown. Incremental progress seems to me to best describe the situation. Four years ago there was a sense of desperation in just getting visitors and prospective investors to show up. We toured shells and had to ask everyone to use their imagination.

Now we see actual projects and it’s not so hard to imagine the evolution because examples can be observed.

It’s still not the realm for the impatient but our incremental progress is slowly turning into irreversible progress.

We had a lot going on yesterday. Below is a summary of the events and various projects that were highlighted.

The Fashion Shop – the official unveiling took place along with inspiring and emotional words from owner Mark Bobo.

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River City Winery – Opening Summer 2008. The expansive basement (where wine will be crafted) stole the show.

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Baptist Tabernacle – Recently purchased by the city of New Albany. The possibilities are intriguing. See also this previous post.

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Scribner Place – Opening Fall 2008. The first photo is from Fall 2007. The second is from last week.

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Ceece said...

Bobo! (I worked with him at Samtec) Great set Ted and it turned out to be a wonderful day!