Monday, May 05, 2008

One Strange Day - the rollercoaster that was Monday, May 5th

First the good news. Take the trip down to the 200 block of Pearl Street and get ready for a surprise. Someone had a really big can opener out there today.
I wet myself when I saw it.
The kick-off event for Preservation Month went great - head count was 51.
Hillary and a few thousand of her friends were exactly one block away at the same time (no photographs of that).

And it all happened in one day. I can't wait until tomorrow.


brett.scharlow said...

Who originally thought Reynolds Wrap was more attractive?
Do you have any idea what is going on? I almost went on a walk but decided to hang out on the deck and drink in peace.

TedF said...

I don't have any details. When I get some, I'll pass along. It sure is in damn good shape, isn't it? It's probably one of the most distinctive facades in town.

Ceece said...

wow, it's gorgeous under there! it was a strange day indeed.

Thanks for filling us in.

Brandon W. Smith said...

I thought the same thing, Brett. I suppose tastes change over time...but dang...look at that facade.

brett.scharlow said...

The facade looks great; Reynolds’s Wrap’s new 30-second commercial should include the 2 female chefs explaining its new and improved material will wrap our buildings and keep them fresh and delicious, with no freezer burn!

shirley baird said...

WOW I always wondered what was under all of that alumninum.