Saturday, May 03, 2008

The 5th Running of the Preservation Month Derby!

It’s May and that means many things for the Louisville Metro and Southern Indiana area – Kentucky Derby, corresponding invasion of B-list and below stars, Derby drunkenness, non-stop local TV coverage of Derby B-list stars and Derby drunkenness and front page news stories on hat’s that resemble sombreros which are highly coveted by women and cost hundreds of dollars.

It’s also Preservation Month. Check the right side bar for information on upcoming events. Visit for more information. We’ve got educational and fun events on the way throughout the month.

And we promise that Larry Birkhead will not be at any of the functions and anyone wearing a sombrero will be promptly roughed up and removed by security.

1 comment:

April said...

Very glad Larry Burkhead won't be there!

I've already signed up for the May 20th Pizza and Preservation Unlock the History of Your Historic Home.