Monday, May 26, 2008

Progress is progress & Death to Squirrels Update

Progress is progress. Some sanding was done over the weekend but the intermittent rain today has prohibited me from putting any primer on. And in case you are wondering, that does piss me off.

Continuing the theme from the last house update, here’s more detail on the work. After removing failing paint, I use a standard five inch orbital sander. I usually start with 80-grit sandpaper and finish with 100. I use 60 on the really nasty stuff but must careful with it because it can chew up wood quickly.
There’s hand sanding involved too, especially on the crown molding which really cleans up nicely. The goal is to get a smooth surface to paint on.
If the weather had cooperated I would have primed everything I’d sanded, but only after giving it a good cleaning.

Squirrel update – from atop my neighbors roof, a tree rat mocks me by apparently dry humping the roof. He knows I don’t have a high powered rifle with which to end his pathetic existence. At least not yet. To refresh your memory on why all squirrels must die, read this past posting or visit this website.


ceece said...

hey man, you gotta get it where you can!

What's your estimated date to start painting and have it all done? Is it this year?

TedF said...

This year is possible. Given the ease in which I get side tracked, I wouldn't bet on it. How's the roof going?

ceece said...