Monday, December 29, 2008

A River Town on the Rise - Newport, KY

I'm not sure how long this link will be good at the CJ so read it soon - America's Comeback City, Newport KY. The authors are Matt Hanka and John Gilderbloom. They are with the Center for Sustainable Urban Neighborhoods at the University of Louisville:

Some excerpts, with bolding done by me to add emphasis.

"In an urban world beset with defeat, Newport is a feel-good story about how one small Ohio River city turned itself around with strong leadership, entrepreneurship, forward-thinking federally funding programs and effective partnerships between non-profit organizations, the higher education and business communities, city government and neighborhood leaders. "

"Historic Preservation districts have had the largest increase in property values."

"Much of the success in Newport is the result of steady and consistent leadership of Mayor Thomas Guidugli, who will complete his third and final term and 16 years in office as mayor at the end of 2008. This consistency has enabled the mayor and his staff to set goals and implement a common sense strategy for revitalizing Newport by aggressively pursuing property acquisition on the riverfront for the Newport on the Levee development and the Newport Aquarium."

If you live in New Albany and need inspiration you just found it. Sleepy little river towns can be revitalized. All it takes is leadership, common sense strategies, collaboration and effective partnerships. Let's get it on. Or move to Newport...

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Courtney Paris said...

oh we love newport. we just took the kiddos up there on christmas eve to see the aquarium.

the route they give you to follow to the aquarium takes you all over the town to see all their awesome stuff.