Thursday, February 19, 2009

This Old House - on the Bough

My buddy and neighbor, Nora, had a birthday party for her house when it turned 100. This Old House magazine thought that was a swell idea and featured her on page 14 of the March edition.

This Old House sent Dan Dry to take a few photographs. And of course I took photographs of him taking photographs.
Thank you Nora for what you did to feature your home and bring attention to our little river town. I’m proud to be your neighbor.


New Alb Annie said...

Congrats, Nora! Great PR for New Albany and the Bough.

bluegill said...

Excellent. Nice work, Nora.

Courtney Paris said...

yeah Nora!

(and still so awesome you got DAN DRY!)

I'm going out this weekend (without children!) and will be picking up the mag!