Saturday, February 28, 2009

Worst Window Replacement Ever?

Worst window replacement ever? It gets my vote. That's an abomination. It's wrong on so many levels.

If you want some new pearly whites, please go to the dentist to get them not the local discount big box hardware mega-store.
Below are some web resources to help provide guidance for would be destroyers of historic wood windows. As you'll read, your home likely has bigger issues than windows. Insulate your attic. Plug up your foundation. Weatherstrip your doors.

Replacing windows doesn't make economic sense. Put the crowbar down and please slowly step away from the windows.

I Need An Energy Audit Stat, by Jane Koncius, Washington Post

The Must Read Tip Sheet from the National Trust

Tips to Make Your Home Green, from

PreservationNation blog posting by Rebecca Williams

New Albany Historic Preservation Commission, Window Design Guidelines


The New Albanian said...

Not to mention the paint job. That particular building seems to be falling apart before my very eyes.

TedF said...

Falling apart yet, still not past the point of no return.

Layne Adams said...

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