Sunday, March 08, 2009

Newport Forum this Tuesday: It's good to learn from others, right?

It was several weeks ago when a letter to the CJ about the success of Newport, KY caught my attention. After a couple phone calls and emails, we found a good spokesperson (Robert Yoder) that could come and share the story of Newport with us.

It promises to be time well spent learning how another river community has turned itself around. We’ll hear the depths that Newport had sunk to and then learn how decades of work, leadership and vision have made it a tourist destination and a community with a strong housing market.

Come on by the YMCA (corner of State & Main) Tuesday evening at 7:00pm for this important educational lecture and public forum. Visit the Develop New Albany website for more information on this and other upcoming events downtown.

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shirley baird said...


Thank you for bringing Mr. Yoder to NA. I just wish we could hire him to revive our Main St.

It was a great evening.