Sunday, July 12, 2009

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

That’s what Repair Affair is all about. Neighbors helping neighbors.

Members of the S. Ellen Jones Neighborhood Association are committed to reaching out and helping others. Taking on a Repair Affair home was a great project and we plan to make this type of effort a regular occurrence.

Why is Repair Affair so important? Qualifying low-income, elderly or disabled homeowners get home repair assistance. Residents are “hands on” in fulfilling a primary objective of maintaining and improving housing conditions of area homes. And it feels good helping those who need it.

Here’s a small slide show of progress at the SEJ Repair Affair home. We underestimated the work needed and will be back at the house on Saturday, July 18. Painters are needed. Contact me at if you want to volunteer time next weekend to finish out the project.

Thank you Stephen, Suzanne, Mary Anne, Dave and Nora for all your help this week.

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shirley baird said...

Repair Affair is a wonderful organization with dedicated volunteers.

Ted you and the others should be very proud.

Thank you for all you do.


dan chandler said...

I agree with Shirley!