Sunday, July 05, 2009

The wonderfully unstructured guerilla campaign to promote New Albany

I like things to be structured. It’s how I’m wired. I guess it’s some sort of herding instinct that I have inherited. Get the game plan together and execute it. Measure progress. Celebrate the progress. Finish the project. Start the next project. And so on…

I’ve even recently mused about progress in New Albany and lamented about the unstructured and uncoordinated approach. But I realized that despite that, progress had been made. A comment by Randy Smith (All4word) on that posting emphasized a critical point:

100 people 100 miles away from it can see the top of the mountain. And if they all head that way, from time to time their paths will cross. Some will make it to the top and others will not.That's not a "coordinated" strategy, but perhaps the guerilla campaign is more coordinated than you might think. Perhaps not everything has to be coordinated. In fact, what you call coordination has, in past years, seemed to be counterproductive in many ways, undemocratic, and more Astroturf than grass roots.

Thanks Randy. I get it. I really do. In fact, I’ve been part of the guerilla campaign without really knowing it. To further emphasize the point, here is part of some text from a Facebook message I received recently:

Hello, Ted - I've been reading your blog for a few months now. Your blog combined with Historic New Albany and NA Confidential managed to pull another Louisville Resident to the sunny side.

Just wanted to say hello and let you that your efforts to revitalize New Albany aren't going unnoticed. Matt.

No, I did not coordinate with other bloggers or the webmaster at Historic New when I launched my blog in 2006. I simply wanted a place to promote a positive image of New Albany, its history and to share the trials and tribulations of my house restoration (32,189 page views later, I think that I can call the effort a reasonable success).

The guerilla campaign is working. If you’ve ever talked to a friend or co-worker about good stuff in New Albany, you’ve been part of it. If you’ve forwarded the link to Historic New to someone house shopping, you’ve been part of it. If you’ve ever rigged voting on another website to promote New Albany as the best neighborhood in the region, you’ve been part of it.

Yes, I can see the top of the mountain. And many others can too. I get it. But damn it, I want to measure something!

Actually, I can measure and report something:
224,683 = number of site visits to Historic New since November 2006
7,021 = average number of monthly site visits to Historic New

Those are nice numbers. Let's keep the guerilla campaign going.

To view site data and a graph, click this link.

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New Alb Annie said...

Nice posting, Ted. I've been in New Albany since age 19, and I can say that slowly but surely, things are changing for the better.

All those people helping to promote a positive image deserve a nice pat on the back.