Wednesday, August 05, 2009

It’s Home “Tur” Time in New Albany – Saturday, September 12

I took a recent trip deep into the Indiana interior recently. It was a fun trip, with a celebration of historic preservation at the core. The trip included a guided walking tour and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I only dozed off once, so it had to be good.

Locals in the interior kept talking about the “tur” (say the word turn, without the n). I enjoy local dialects bunches. I picked up on the “tur” thing and just can’t let it go.

Y’all can bet we got ourselves the best Home Tur yet this year. This would be the 4th Annual Home Tur. So come to New Albany and Tur it up. Tur until you drop, then Tur some more. Buy your Tur ticket at the Develop New Albany website. Or buy your Tur ticket at the Gallery on Pearl. Just please do buy a Tur ticket cause this here Tur is gonna be a good'in.

View the Home Tur homes at this link or at the Develop New Albany website.

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bluegill said...

Since you referenced the interior and we already have a left and right coast, are we the south coast based on our location in Indiana or the north coast relative to the river?