Sunday, August 09, 2009

Won’t you be my neighbor?

That’s right. You could be my neighbor if you act quickly. The Charles E. Richards House, 844 Cedar Bough Place, is for sale. I’m bummed that my buddy Mary Anne Tonini is moving, but change happens and I’m excited about having a new neighbor.

Mary Anne has worked her butt off bringing this house back to where it is now. The new roof (metal shingles) is amazing. The new paint scheme, landscaping and the refinished hardwood floors are also fantastic. If you are in the market, or just thinking about jumping in the market, you owe it to yourself to come take a look at the house. Remember that the $8,000 federal tax credit is still available.

Additionally, for a nominal contribution to my beer inventory or my humidor, you could have your grass cut regularly. That’s just one of the perks of being a neighbor of Ted.

Check out her listing on Historic New For more information or to arrange a showing, call Mary Anne at 812/941-8887. You can also see the home during the New Albany Historic Home Tour on September 12. Visit Develop New for more information on the tour and how to purchase tickets.

The Bough is a pretty special place. It should be your next home.


dan chandler said...

If she wants a another BIG project, I'll trade her my house to be your neighbor. :)

G.Coyle said...

Nice paint job.

B.W. Smith said...

This house is the real deal. It pains me that we're not in the market right now.

Ceece said...

Brandon, we said the same thing.

shirley baird said...
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shirley baird said...

Hi Ted,

I found a wonderful article on a blog called "White Rabbit", there is a link from Mattew Jones "Coffeespoons".

The White Rabbit posted an article about a miner from the early 20th century named Shorpy. There is a blog about Shorpy with photos from 1850 to 1950. They cover an area from Boston to St. Augustine, FL. There are also captions about the photos including the people in them. This is well worth the effort to go through all of the links.